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Marketing Tips for Dentists
Published by Galen Stilson
Direct Response Copywriter/Consultant
Dental Marketing a specialty


If I can, through the ads I create, cause the prospect to nod his or her head in agreement with my copy, I'm halfway home to getting that person to pick up the phone and call for an appointment.

I'm after a mental ... "YES, THAT'S ME" ... type of prospect response.  "Yes, I agree." "Yes, I have that problem." "Yes, I feel the same way."  "Yes, it is frustrating." "Yes, I'm tired of it." "Yes, it is time to do something about it."

One way to elicit that type of mental reaction is through the use of questions in a problem/solution type ad. For example, read the following headline-type questions ...

"Would you like to upgrade the quality of your patients?"

"Does increasing your income while dealing with fewer, better patients interest you?"

"Have you ever sat in your office chair, head buried in hands, thinking, 'if only I could attract the bigger, more profitable cosmetic  cases?'"

"Are you less than thrilled with your practice production?"

"Wouldn't it be great if there was a relatively quick, easy, inexpensive solution to {insert problem here}?"

My guess is that most of you, if reading these questions in an ad, would be mentally nodding in agreement ... especially if you happened to fit into the category of dentist to which I targeted the ad.

Now, if I can take you along a path from agreeing with the problem assessment to agreeing with the potential solution, there's a good chance that you'll be persuaded to respond with another YES when I ask you to "Call Now" to set up an consultation/evaluation appointment. Especially when I tell you that this valuable appointment is free ... and that all of your questions will be answered ... with absolutely no obligation.

You can take your dental prospects along that same path with some carefully worded questions in a well thought out and executed ad. Structure your copy to attract the audience you're after ... and then to elicit some positive head nodding from them. 

It'll pay off with more and better patients.

Of course, this is just one strategic ad approach that can pay dividends for you. But, when done with skill, it can be an exceptionally profitable one.

Until next issue ...

Best regards,


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