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There are a number of ways you can take advantage of my dental marketing expertise and services to enhance your practice and boost your bottom line.  Here are a few ...

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Marketing Analysis
Retainer Option


Whether it's a simple question or a complex marketing problem, I'm available to assist you.  For example ...

     Not sure how to set up an efficient and effective direct mail program?  I can help.
     Want to know why your current marketing efforts aren't producing more?  I can help.
     Want a comprehensive marketing system designed for your practice?  I can help.
     Aren't sure how to code promotions/ads so you can track results?  I can help.
     Are you confused in any way about your internal or external marketing?  I can help.

Consulting can be handled by phone, in writing, or in person.

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From a single piece of important communication with a patient to a full-blown marketing campaign, you can depend on me to create copy that will help you attract more of the kind of patients you want.  Here are a few examples of the type of material I've created ...

Practice promotion letters & postcards (direct mail): single effort & full series
Val-pack enclosures
Newspaper ads:  from one-inch to full-page ad and everything in between.
Brochures: for handouts, in-practice use, and promotional.
Referral generation material
Magazine ads: from 1/8th page to full page.
Appointment reminders and appointment makers
Case presentation follow-up letters: to help convert and to re-affirm a decision
Thanks for visiting letters
Newsletters: for internal patient and external promotional use.
Radio script
Free standing inserts (for newspapers)
News and publicity releases
Waiting room and operatory wall posters

Please keep in mind that my approach as a direct response copywriter is pro-active.  All of the material I create is intended to cause the patient or prospect to favorably react.  That reaction may take the form of calling for an appointment, referring a friend, accepting your recommendation, feeling appreciated/respected, or simply thinking positively about you and your practice.

If you prefer a benign, sterile, image-only style -- and are not interested in the pro-active approach -- then I'm probably not the copywriter for you.  If being professionally pro-active appeals to you, then I could be the guy who can help you achieve your most bold goals.

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If you are currently using print ads, direct mail, brochures, patient communication, newsletters, releases, etc. that you would like to improve and make more profitable, you should utilize my direct response critique service.

In the critique of your material, I'll make specific suggestions and recommendations on the various changes you should make to boost the effectiveness.  From design to format to headlines to body copy I look for ways to make it more persuasive, more memorable, more compelling, more professional, more response-oriented.

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Snapshot Marketing Analysis

Through a series of questions and use of geographic/demographic research, I analyze your current marketing situation/program and make specific suggestions for improving both the overall marketing approach and the individual marketing activities and actions.

Your personal philosophy, goals, skills, communication & dental strengths/weaknesses, staff's strengths and weaknesses, community demographics, location, practice bells-'n-whistles (or lack thereof), financial situation,  current reputation and more are all factored in to the analysis.

The result is a snapshot of where you are now ... and where you could be ... if you follow the series of suggestions I make.  This is an extremely valuable, eye-opening, high-yield experience  that every dental practice should go through.  It helps solve the marketing maze for you ... giving you a clear set of directions and a map to follow.

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Retainer Option

There are times when it's much more productive, profitable and cost-effective to have me on retainer than to hire me for a variety of individual projects and/or consultations. 

This is especially true if ...

... you are uncomfortable with your existing marketing situation and would like or need lots of expert feedback and input for yourself and/or your staff.

... you can identify a number of marketing projects (patient communication, ads, newsletters, direct mail, news releases, etc.) that you would like completed over time.

... you desire a coordinated, comprehensive marketing program developed for your practice.

... you would like to put together a personalized marketing program targeting a specific audience that involves the use of a number of media.

... you would like me to regularly review, critique and/or evaluate what you are doing.

How is having me on retainer more productive, profitable and cost-effective than just hiring me for the individual projects?  Three ways ... 

1. I guarantee you time availability.
2. I give you discounted fees.
3. I won't work for your direct competitors
(while under retainer).

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