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A Quick Note ...

Galen Stilson
Response Copywriter/Consultant

Phone: 727-372-2032
Fax:     727-372-2224

Dear Dental Marketer ...

It doesn't matter whether you ...

... are looking for a little marketing help or a lot

... want new patients or better patients or to recapture lost patients

... target the wealthy or the not-so-wealthy

... favor internal or external marketing

you can feel confident that I'll be able to help.

From  answering your most basic marketing questions ... to critiques of existing material ... to creating any or all of your marketing material ... to helping you tweak your marketing strategy ... to developing your entire marketing campaign ... you'll be able to choose the exact service that fits your needs and budget.

And regardless of what you hire me to do, you'll always get my best efforts.


If you'll give me an opportunity ... you'll like the results.

        To your success,


Galen Stilson

P.S.  Be sure to thoroughly check out this site.  There is lots of free information that can help you directly with your practice marketing ... in addition to info which can help you decide if I'm the right consultant/copywriter for you.