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Galen Stilson
 Direct Response Copywriter/Consultant

For over 20 years, Galen has been helping consumer, business-to-business and professional firms achieve greater direct response marketing success.

As a copywriter, he has created virtually every type of direct response marketing tool ... sales letters, direct mail packages, print ads, self-mailers, new subscription promotions, renewal series, lead generation, one-step and multi-step efforts, dealer solicitation, brochures, free standing inserts, catalogs, advertorials, magalogs,  news releases, newsletters, inserts, forced free subscriptions ... to name a few.

As a consultant, Galen regularly helps individuals and firms ...
... expand the value of their existing customers/patients.
... gain a more profitable understanding of their true target audiences.
... develop less complex, more successful marketing strategies and tactics.
... improve the response to promotional materials.
... stay on track towards their ultimate response/profit goals.

To see a representative listing of who Galen has worked for and what they think about his work, click on CLIENTS and TESTIMONIALS.

The author of hundreds of direct marketing articles -- and the editor/publisher of three newsletters -- Galen has long been acknowledged as one of the top direct response copywriters and consultants in the country. 

If you have a marketing problem or project you'd like to discuss, give him a call.  He is usually available by phone (727-372-2032) between 10:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. (EST) Monday through Friday.  He is always available by e-mail.