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Partial Client List

The following list is a small representative sampling of the people/firms/publications that have paid for -- and profited from -- my direct response copywriting services and/or advice over the years. 

I've broken the list down into three categories -- direct marketing companies, professionals and publications -- for your convenience.

DM Companies


Ebsco Industries

Center for Science in the Public Interest

American Demographics

Butterfield Farms

The ACC Sports Journal

World Future Society

Clemson University

Bureau of National Affairs


World Numismatics

The Londonhouse Corp.

Federal Publications

Excellence by Design


Sony Music Inc.

American University

Wentworth Worldwide Media

National Taxpayers Union

Soundview Publications

Board Report

Stock Ticker Company

Financial Literacy Center

The Roper Organization

CoLinear Systems

Best Buy Investments

Shooting Times

Newsletter Publishing Association

Job Bank USA

Better Life Institute

Holiday Inns Inc.

Miller Freeman, Inc.

Oxmoor House

Magna Publications, Inc.

Xerox Corporation

KCI Communications Inc.

Nail Systems, Inc.

Estes Industries

Amco International



Ralph Kimbrough, DMD

Robin Morrison
(practice mktg. consultant)

St. Luke's Institute

Francisco Arevalo, DMD

Bay Area Oral & Facial Surgery

Terry Goss
(dental practice consultant)

Bruce Ouellette, DDS

The Doctor's Office newsletter

The Dentist's Office newsletter

The Practice Builder

Craig Zunko, DDS

Cary Blumberg, DMD

Jim Sanderson, MD

Leah Urban, DC

Sheldon Estreicker, DDS

Mark Farina, DMD

Fletcher Jernigan, DDS

David Kimmel, DDS

Jerry Reibman, MD

Fred Troxel, DDS

Diane Wright, DDS

Trudy Massaro, DDS

Hank Insko, DDS

ContinuCare Managed Care

John Artemenko, DDS

Brian Wilkes, DMD

Marty Abramson, DDS

Thomas Matusiewicz, DDS

Deborah Brown, MD, DMD

Roy Greenberg, DDS

Donald Cadle, DMD


Physical Therapy Insitute

Capitol Hill Chiropractic Center

Visual Health Information

Leo Arellano, DDS

John Teague, DDS

John Schwartz, MD

Jose Garcia, DDS

James Amstadt, DDS



Communication Briefings

Think & Grow Rich Newsletter

Nutrition Action Newsletter

Capell's Circulation Report

HOPE Health Letter

Classroom Connect

Internet Business Advantage

Shooting Times

Handgun Quarterly

Dick Fabian's Telephone Switch Newsletter

In-House Graphics

Tested Copy

The Public Pulse

U.S. Bass

The Future

Continuing Medical Education

Psychology Times

Real Estate Digest

Attorneys Marketing Report

Gulf Coast Fisherman

CPA Marketing Report

American Medical Reports

Political Dynamite

Economics Briefing

Work & Family Briefings

The PooP Sheet

Clin Alert

Healthy Bites


No-Till Farmer

Telecommunications Alert

Religion Report

Caribbean Travel Letter

Senior Connection

Practical Reviews in Urology

The Green Thumb Newsletter

Corporate Health Promotion Today

The Secretary's Letter