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What do Galen Stilson's clients think about his 
direct response copywriting and consulting talents? 

"Brilliant" ... "Marvelous" ... "Amazing" ...
"Special" ... "A real gem" ... "Master Copywriter" ... "Simply the best!"

are a few of the descriptive words/phrases used.

Here is a representative sampling of client testimonials.

Jimmy Calano, Founder
CareerTrack ...

"No one is better at fine-tuning copy, creating offer enhancements, or uncovering new ways to position your product or service than Galen.  He's also the easiest, most reasonable copywriter you'll ever deal with ... a real gem in the DM field."


Ronald Kaiser, President
The Londonhouse Corporation ...

"I have a simple story to tell.  We talked.  I checked your references.  I sent the money.  I got the copy.  I met with Saks Fifth Avenue and got a 1.2 million order.  Thanks for your quickness and the marvelous words you have written, Galen."


Penelope Wickham, Marketing Director
American Demographics ...

"Galen, your critique was invaluable ... we have incorporated virtually all of your suggestions.  Anyone who passes up your critique is making an expensive mistake."


Robert Funk, President
Operator Certification Training, Inc.

"Well, we wanted you to soar in regard to putting together a combination in-house seminar mailer and that's exactly what you did.  We are delighted."


Beth Bolger, Marketing Manager
Federal Publications, Inc. ...

"Galen, the new subscription promotion package you created for our newsletter is outstanding.  We wanted something new and EFFECTIVE ... and you more than came through.  The subscriptions keep pouring in.  Thanks."


Chip Woods, President &Publisher
Soundview Publications, Inc. ...

"Are you looking for that unique copywriter who is not only highly skilled and a proven winner but who is also reasonably priced, dependable AND an absolute joy to work with? If you are, give Galen Stilson a call. He's something special."


Hank Insko, DDS ...

"I was advised by a colleague that I'd be extremely happy with you and the work you do.  That colleague knew what she was talking about.  We've been running the ads you created for us for months and they're still working.  Thanks much."


Shawn Connors, President
International Health Awareness Center & The StockTicker Company ...

"I've had the opportunity to work with Galen for nearly 15 years.  I've used his freelance services as both a copywriter and consultant.  I've paid him by the project and had him on retainer (for years). 

"I can say with absolute certainty that Galen is one-of-a-kind.  He consistently creates high quality, high yield promotional material ... he can take a seemingly complex marketing problem and quickly come up with a simple, effective solution.  And he is great to work with.   You won't go wrong if you hire Galen.  He's one of the best."

Ralph Kimbrough, DMD ...

"Galen, I didn't think it was possible, but the Senior's Marketing Program you created for us has already brought in over $500,000 in new patient business.  And they're exactly the type of patient we were looking for.  You're amazing.  Thanks."


Robin Morrison
Practice Marketing Consultant ...

"Galen is simply the best direct response copywriter/consultant I've ever met or had the privilege to work with.  Period.  Bar none. 

"If YOU ever have the opportunity to work with him, don't pass it up.  Why?  Because if you listen to him and follow his advice and recommendations, it's almost a certainty that you'll boost your practice profits."


Cynthia Young, President
Wentworth Worldwide Media ...

"Good news, Galen ... The DM package I sent you recently had pulled just a little over 1% response.  We created a new one using your critique recommendations and our response has picked up to almost 4%.  Thanks so much for your help."


Al Fiedel, Founder
Butterfield Farms, Inc. ...

"Great job, Galen ... You've beaten another direct mail control.  And thanks for the super fast service."


John Schwartz, MD, President
Continuing Medical Education, Inc. ...

"Galen ... Just wanted to thank you for the terrific critique.  We incorporated almost all of your recommendations.  The result:  Registrations for the conferences are up dramatically, despite the tough economic times for our physician customers."


J.S., MD (Plastic Surgeon) ...

Because of the high profile and reputation of the clinic in which this doctor works, he has asked that I  not use his, or the clinic's, name.  However, he would be happy to talk with you personally -- by phone -- if you'd like to ask about me.  If you're interested, e-mail me and I'll send you his phone number.]

"Galen, just a quick note to thank you for the outstanding series of facial rejuvenation ads you created for us. We have been running these ads every week for months now and they continue to generate a terrific response. 

One of the strongest features of the ads is their ability to "pre-qualify" the respondents. This is a terrific luxury.  I look forward to working with you again in the future."


Dan Poynter, President
Para Publishing ...

"Galen Stilson is a Master Copywriter and direct response specialist."


Franciso Arevalo, DMD ...

"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with the results of the ad and self-mailer you created for us.  Virtually every time we run the ad or mail the self-mailer, we end up with new, quality patients.  Thanks, Galen.